What to do when you find pet urine in your carpet?

Nov 10, 2020 | Carpet Cleaning, Cleaning With Pets, Pet Urine Removal Treatment

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We have all experienced the horrific moment of discovering pet urine in the home. Fortunately, many discover this tragedy early and eliminate it quickly. For others, this pesky smell may linger for weeks without ever finding the root cause. Pet urine can cause permanent damage to your upholstery or carpet. Here is an easy step-by-step process of what to do when you find pet urine in your carpet.

Step 1: Analyze the Area

Dogs typically do not like to pee anywhere close to their hang-out spot. Try checking the rooms or areas in the house where your dog does hang out. It is important to remember that dogs who urinate in the house will return to the same spot over and over again, due to the smell. The powerful enzyme in the urine marks the dog’s territory and must be eliminated quickly. The reason it is important to first analyze the area is to prevent future accidents.

Step 2: Take Immediate Action

After analyzing the surrounding area, take immediate action to soak as much of it as possible. Dab the urine with a paper towel and let it soak. Continue this process until you cannot soak up any more urine with paper towels. This goes without saying, but DO NOT use a blow-dryer or fan to dry up the remaining urine on the carpet. Drying the urine will crystalize it, thus setting the odor and stain rapidly. 

Step 3: Mark the Stain

After you have soaked up most of the urine, the yellow color may be very faint. The real damage lies underneath the carpet fibers in the padding and sub-floor. Before you let the urine dry, make sure to accurately mark the stain on the carpet. A good rule of thumb is to mark out a 6-inch circle surrounding the stain, as the seeping urine may spread in areas that you cannot see. 

Step 4: Eliminate the Root

Just like weeds, the odor of pet urine stains will come back if you do not correctly eliminate the root of the problem. This is because pet urine seeps beneath the carpet into the padding and subfloor. Professionals can deep clean the stain, ensuring that the unseen damage is eliminated. For the best pet urine removal treatment in Menifee, CA — Call Temecula Valley Chem-Dry.

I hope these tips help to prevent an emotional explosion when you discover a pet accident on the carpet. Training a new dog can be a very stressful process and Temecula Chem-Dry is here to help. Learn how we treat pet urine stains

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