Revitalize Your Rugs After Winter With Chem-Dry Cleaning Services

Jan 12, 2023 | Area Rug Cleaning

area rug cleaning

As the weather continues to get colder, now is a great opportunity to start organizing for winter cleaning and spring maintenance. Let Chem-Dry make your life easier by providing you with a variety of services that can make your home look amazing, while also making it healthier and more content. Don’t forget to include area rug cleaning in your plan!

When the seasons change, make sure you think of Temecula Valley Chem-Dry! We offer area rug cleaning and more – so trust us for all your seasonal needs.

Cleaning Area Rugs After Winter 

During the cold winter months, carpets and rugs in high-traffic areas are prone to dirt, moisture, and spills. With more people in and out of your home, there’s a greater risk of stains. Pets also tend to hang around furniture and floors more during this season.

Keep your area rugs looking and feeling like new by giving them a deep clean after winter. Dirt, stains, allergens, dust, and odors can all cause damage to rug fibers and diminish their colors over time. But with Temecula Valley Chem-Dry’s professional cleaning services, you can rest assured that they’ll be able to tackle any problem your rugs may have!

Not only will we make your home look beautiful with our area rug cleaning services, but we’ll also help ensure its overall health with healthier solutions. We strive to make sure your home looks and feels its best from the inside out.

Area Rug Cleaning For Your Home

Keeping your area rugs clean should be an important part of both spring cleaning and regular upkeep in the home. Chem-Dry’s professional services make it easy to keep your area rugs looking and feeling like new, year-round.

Temecula Valley Chem-Dry looks forward to helping you enjoy a clean and healthy home this year!

Get started today with your FREE price estimate for area rug cleaning in the Temecula area!

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