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“Awesome job on the carpet and tile cleaning I was so surprised that all of the spots came out truly amazing! Everything was very professional. They answered the phone when I called and were easy to talk to. The van and equipment was clean and the technician was very knowledgeable and nice. This company cares about their customers. I had a lot of spots and they took the time to try and get every single spot out. These guys take pride in what they do. I highly recommend them. Thank you Temecula Valley Chem-Dry!!!!!”

Lindsay F.

“Steve was my technician today and did an unbelievable job on my carpets. I didn’t have much hope for some of the heavily trafficked areas but he made those areas look amazing! Larry from Temecula”

Larry F.

“Jake was prompt in returning my call and flexible in working with my schedule, even allowing me to reschedule as I was delayed at receiving my keys. Jake gave me a preliminary quote over the phone and while may place was actually bigger than estimated, he was fair in looking after me, cost-wise. Jake explained to me to process he undertakes and advised me the difference using Chem Dry vs. ‘regular’ Carpet Cleaning. Jake has very good attention to detail and service to me was like it was his own place. Professional, Friendly, Prompt, Fair Cost, Very good ‘Chem Dry Cleaning'”

Joe M.

“Jake was amazing. We had a very old and sick pet that puked all over a carpet and peed all over an area rug. These were stains and smells we thought we would never get out, but Jake did it. We had a company come over first and charge us twice as much as Jake and they did nothing to the stains or smells. Jake came over and explained what he would need to do and once the carpet dried at was amazing, the stains were gone and the smell was non existent. We were able to keep our very expensive area rug, when we thought it was goner.”

Sean R.

“Jake did our carpets in our Townhome. He did an exceptional job and took out stains we thought were permanently imbedded.”

Ed V.

“I have now used Jake twice to clean my office tiles and both times I have been so impressed with his professionalism and hard work. You are really getting the best deal when you use Jake from Temecula Valley Chem-Dry!!”

Cassie H.

“These guys are great! They leave carpet looking, feeling, and smelling fresher than ever!”

Todd D.

“Jake did a wonderful job cleaning both our carpet and tile. Very detail-oriented, takes his time, and the house looked AND felt so much cleaner.”

Deanne D.

“Temecula Valley Chem-Dry is very well represented by Jake, who also did the carpet cleaning in our home. Above and beyond, he worked extra long to clean our very light colored (well originally light colored…) carpeting, and took extra care with the details like wall-edges and higher trafffic areas. In a day and age of so many choices for each and every product and service, Jake and Temecula Valley Chem-Dry are stand outs among the other carpet services we have used before. Would we use them again? Absolutely. Thankfully they did such a good job we probably wont need to for a very long time.”

Matt G.

“Had our carpets cleaned after our Big Graduation party this last weekend and the carpets look great and Stephen did an amazing job he’s a great guy. We will be using them always!”

Yvonne R.

“Amazing service from Paul!! He shampooed a large couch for my daughter for a great price! This company is very consistent, always on time with appointment confirmations and arrivals! And they get the job done in a timely manner. 10/10”

Mikala S.

“Great experience. The technician did a fantastic job cleaning our sofa and chairs. He was very kind, knowledgeable and professional. Awesome company and will use again.”

Ayesha M.

“It was a great experience. I had a very dirty carpet in the living room with many dark stains; when Chem-dry came to clean my carpet all of them were gone. Chem-dry is honestly, hands down, the best carpet cleaning company that I ever used. They deserve more than five stars.”

Anna K.

“Professional, courteous, punctual and does a great job. I use their services at least 4 times a year. Wouldn’t call anyone else.”

Patty M.

“Everything was great. Better than expected. On top of everything, (I have a developmentally disabled sibling who had a stroke recently so sometimes she has mood swings and trouble getting around… long story short, she called him an idiot for no reason) anyway, this professional handled the situation in a mature, friendly and understanding manner. Seems to be the type that is good around young children, etc. Very polite and respectful. This type of personality really matters to me because I hate feeling pushed or hassled. The cleaning job was excellent. My husband loves the finished job. Went above and beyond for the job. Plus any person patient enough to converse with and calmly engage with someone calling him an idiot (not on purpose, but he didn’t know) deserves business. I was blown away at how he handled the situation. (My sister was friendly with him at the end and apologized) So any parents with kids that have special needs, hire this guy. He is very good with special needs.”

Kellie H.

“Big difference and very friendly person! Showed up on time and stayed until he ensured the quality of his work! Highly recommended!”

James T.

“I highly recommend Temecula Valley Chem-Dry. Jacob cleaned our carpets upstairs and also two area rugs. Everything looks brand new! Jacob is extremely professional, hard working and truly cares about his client’s and making sure they are happy with his work. Great Pricing, Great Service, Great JOB!!!! “

Cindy G.

“Jake was great! He was accommodating with our time slot. He worked hard and spent additional time where it was needed. ChemDry is the best way to clean carpets! It’s a clean, natural, and a more convenient way to clean carpets!!!”

Nichole V.

“This service was well above EXCELLENT! If I could give more stars I would. They came at the time they promised, charged what they said they would, did not engage in frivolous upselling, but did make me aware of what was available. The Technician was very professional and took the time to explain to me what he was doing. I had tried to clean the carpet stain and had made it worse so he showed me how to do it correctly if it happens again. I am very glad I called them!!”

Larry C.

“They did a Wonderful job on my area rugs.”


“Amazing guys Andre and Carlos in and out in under an hour and with the utmost professionalism I have ever seen.”

Ryne R.

“Wow! Amazing service thank you Temecula Valley Chem-Dry. You guys are awesome, carpet looks fantastic! Very nice and easy to work with. Highly recommended and very professional.”

Jim F.

“Absolutely AMAZING!!! Jake did a fantastic job with my carpet. I’ve had my carpet cleaned by other different companies and have never experienced what he did. He’s genuinely interested in providing great customer service and gave me breath-taking results in my place. Beyond measure, Jake has to be the BEST in the business. My carpet looked like a horrendous mess of gray and black spots but after Jake worked his magic; my entire house feels like a home again. Everything was fresh from the initial start of Jake cleaning process. Then upon completion my carpet was as clean as the first day I moved into my home. Jake is a great guy, not only because he’s done excellent work but his personality, knowledge, and care that he puts into his job is proven in his results. The best part about using Jake was his flexibility to work with my schedule. Thank you so much.”

Nency G.

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