Can Temecula Valley Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Remove Pet Stains?

Jun 7, 2023 | Uncategorized

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Dealing with pet accidents can be both frustrating and challenging to handle on your own. The persistent stains and unpleasant odors they leave behind can make your home feel uncomfortable, unhealthy, and unwelcoming. At Temecula Valley Chem-Dry, we fully understand the difficulties posed by pet stains and odors. That’s why we proudly offer our effective Pet Urine Removal Treatment (P.U.R.T.®). This specialized treatment combines our proven carpet cleaning process with a targeted solution designed to address the root cause of pet stains and odors. By utilizing P.U.R.T.®, we can refresh your carpet, leaving it looking and smelling fresh once again. Trust us to eliminate pet stains and odors, creating a more comfortable and inviting environment within your home.


Why are Pet Urine Stains and Odors So Difficult to Remove?


To truly grasp the remarkable effectiveness of Chem-Dry’s Pet Urine Removal Treatment (P.U.R.T.®), it’s crucial to comprehend the underlying reasons why pet stains and odors present such a formidable challenge to remove. When pet urine permeates the carpet, padding, or even the subfloor, it becomes exceedingly difficult to completely eradicate the stubborn stains and lingering odors through conventional cleaning methods or off-the-shelf carpet cleaners. This is where the exceptional power of P.U.R.T.® comes into play. Our specialized treatment is meticulously formulated to specifically target and eliminate these deeply ingrained stains and odors, ensuring a thorough and long-lasting solution.


When faced with a pet accident, prompt cleanup of the moisture is essential. Subsequently, homeowners may attempt to tackle the stain using store-bought cleaners or household remedies like baking soda or hydrogen peroxide. However, it’s crucial to exercise caution as these methods can potentially harm the delicate carpet fibers, leading to further visibility of the stain instead of effectively eliminating it.


While the idea of hiring a steam cleaning service to address pet stains and odors may seem appealing, it’s crucial to be aware of a potential limitation. The steam cleaning method, despite its common use, may not yield the desired effectiveness. This is primarily due to the reliance on a significant amount of water during the process. Surprisingly, this excessive water can inadvertently push the urine crystals further into the flooring instead of effectively flushing them out. As a consequence, the urine odors and stains may become ingrained, leading to persistent issues within your home.


Chem-Dry has innovated the Pet Urine Removal Treatment (P.U.R.T.®) precisely to tackle this problem. Through our specialized process, we directly target the urine crystals, breaking them apart and liberating them from the carpet fibers. This meticulous approach ensures the effective elimination of both pet stains and odors, providing a comprehensive solution for your carpeting.


How Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaners Remove Pet Stains


Effectively removing stains relies on neutralizing the chemical compounds responsible for their appearance and accompanying odors. Specifically addressing stains and odors caused by pet accidents entails targeting the microscopic urine crystals and other residual substances that reside deep within your carpet fibers. By addressing this source directly, we can successfully eliminate the stains and associated smells, ensuring a fresh and clean carpet.


Conventional methods often struggle to remove or eliminate these substances effectively. Fortunately, our trusted P.U.R.T. process has stood the test of time and is specifically designed to tackle this challenge. With precision and care, our process targets and successfully lifts pet urine crystals that have deeply penetrated your carpet, ensuring thorough removal and restoration. You can rely on our expertise to address these stubborn substances and restore the freshness of your carpet.


To commence this process, our initial step involves locating all pet stains present. Since urine deposits can be challenging to identify with the naked eye, our team utilizes ultraviolet light to reveal pet stains that might be otherwise unnoticed. This meticulous approach ensures that even hidden stains are brought to light, thereby addressing any contributing factors to the unpleasant odor in your home.


Following that, we employ our advanced Hot Carbonating Extraction process, known as HCE, to reach deep into the carpet fibers and effectively extract loose urine crystals. This process not only eliminates any liquid exacerbating the stain’s visibility but also eradicates dirt and other contaminants present in the carpet.


As the final step, our dedicated carpet cleaners apply our specialized P.U.R.T. product, which takes approximately 24 to 36 hours to break down persistent stain- and odor-causing substances that may remain embedded in the carpet. This meticulous treatment ensures a thorough elimination of the underlying causes, leaving your carpet refreshed and free from lingering stains and odors.


Learn more about how Chem-Dry carpet cleaners can remove the stubborn pet stains and odors lingering in your carpet. Just give us a call today at (951) 200-1977 to connect with a professional technician!

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