Professional area & oriental rug cleaning in Temecula, Murrieta, Menifee, Wildomar, Canyon Lake, Winchester, Lake Elsinore, CA.

Temecula Area & Oriental Rug Cleaners

Rugs are an easy way to add some flair to a room. However, these beautiful additions can collect a lot of dirt and grime from all the foot traffic they receive on a daily basis and quickly become less beautiful. Let Temecula Valley Chem-Dry restore your area rugs back to their original beauty with our professional area rug cleaning service. Our technicians can clean virtually any rug and have it looking as good as new. Our cleaning products won’t leave a sticky dirt-attracting residue, which means your rugs will stay cleaner longer. On top of that, with an application of Chem-Dry Protectant™, your rugs will stand up better against the spills and mishaps of everyday life.

Authentic Gentle Cleaning

We understand that your oriental and area rugs were big investments that can be quite valuable. That is why we exercise special care and attention to detail while cleaning them. Temecula Valley Chem-Dry cleans your rugs the natural way- by using air and carbonated water. This process provides a comprehensive yet gentle cleaning for even your dirtiest and most delicate rugs. Our unique drying process prevents wicking and works to preserve the dye within the rug fibers, keeping the rug’s colors looking bright and vibrant!

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The rug professionals at Temecula Valley Chem-Dry will first evaluate your rug in order to prescribe the right cleaning process. We follow some of the same century-old processes from the Middle East, the masters of some of the world’s finest rugs. In most situations, our cleaning process includes a pre-spray cleaner, a gentle submersion bath, and professional drying and fringe cleaning. If necessary, we will add our special urine removal prior to the rinse bath to get rid of any pet urine or odor. Because each home and rug is different, we strive to provide an individualized process to best clean each rug.

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Trust the Certified Area Rug Experts

Area and Oriental rugs are a beautiful addition to any home. Just like well-placed wall decor or a fine painting, they contribute to the overall character and complete the furnishing of a well-decorated room. Unlike wall decor, however, area rugs usually receive a fair amount of traffic. Rugs are often put down in high-traffic areas to decorate, liven up and even protect these living spaces.

Temecula Valley Chem-Dry’s area rug cleaning and drying process is both gentle and effective. By preserving the fiber dye, the colors in your rug remain lively and bright. After spending time cleaning your area rug or carpet, it would be crazy to end up with a worse result than when you started. At Temecula Valley Chem-Dry, we strive to ensure that your area rug looks stunning, colorful and rejuvenated after cleaning. Contact us today to get a free estimate or to schedule an appointment.

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